A mere fishing village at the turn of the last century, Shanghai is today the most dynamic city in China. A city of 23 million people, it visibly reaches for the future through its space age skyline, and yet at ground level retains its traditional character, with Chinese upturned roofs and classical gardens, and tree lined avenues and classical architecture, typical of its French colonial heritage.

As one of the world’s leading financial centers, Shanghai is the place to do business. Its infrastructure for large events is developing fast and continuously. 

A stunning city of contrasts, Shanghai is full of temptations for incentive groups. It is as renowned for its high end dining experiences, luxurious living, cosmopolitan nightlife, and artistic quarters as it is for its local lifestyle experiences, tea houses and incense filled Chinese temples, vibrant street markets and tasty dumpling stalls. Ancient Chinese water villages offer a striking contrast to the fast pace of Shanghai, and now its Disneyland just 40 minutes from the city.

Shanghai is an intriguing concoction of local and ancient character, modern and international flair, with an energy and ambition that is infectious, making it the perfect cocktail for successful and inspirational corporate events and incentive programs.